So what is there to say about me? I’m a bit of a geek (in a playing DnD, computer games, and Sci-fi novels kinda way), and also love to travel and acting. I’m a lefty politically speaking, vegetarian (well mostly vegan where possible, but you know, cheese), and have actually started enjoying running thanks to the couch to 5k app. Aside from wedding photography I love theatre and performance photography (you can see my work here: and directing short films and music videos.

I love to chat about anything and everything, but here’s a list of topics that I’m particularly interested in. I warn you though, once you get me started, I might not stop!

·        Sausage dogs

·        DnD

·        Neil Gaiman

·        Firefly, Star Trek and Star Wars

·        How crap the Tories are and the horrors of Brexit (may be best to avoid this)

·        My time living in the Peruvian rainforest learning about Shamanism

·        My short film/TV show/Book ideas (there are many)

·        Going on tour with Frank Turner

·        Leonard Cohen

·        Universal Basic Income

·        The joys of social media

·        Musicals (especially more modern ones)

·        My post-covid strange sense of smell

·        Literally anything you are passionate about (It's always fascinating to hear people talk about their passions, and I love learning new things!

Andrew AB wedding photographer, Liverpool North West


Jo & Kirsty

“Ab is a wonderful photographer who we have recommended many times since our wedding. He is a calming influence during the lead up to and the day itself; putting everyone at ease. He provided a second photographer so that both brides didn’t miss out on ‘getting ready’ photos, and offered super creative ideas meaning we have a set of magical memories of our big day.”

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